1. Webcomics

I love webcomics! Since the day I stumbled on xkcd, I have been smitten! But that's hardly the only webcomic out there. I recently discovered Spiked Math, which not only provides comics in color, but also features advanced math (Lie algebra anyone?).

[list will be updated]

2. News via RSS Feeds

Many people have declared the death of RSS - we have Facebook, and Twitter, and +!! Well, for me, I like having all news at one place, undisturbed by the ceaseless recreational activities that my friends are pursuing online. RSS is my Queen! I subscribe to

NYTimes Most E-Mailed (though I don't live in NYC)
plus.math.org (interesting articles about almost anything science-related)
Greg Mankiw

and a bunch of daily deals, Craig's List, and Op-Ed sites - n>100 I guess we'll have to be friends to share all of such but shoot me an email if you really really want the list.

3. Shameless Promotion

You might also see me as a guest comic for the beloved SpikedMath website http://spikedmath.com/454.html
or an illustrator for the highly amusing DatingSauce http://www.datingsauce.com/singledatingdiva/are-there-rules-to-dating/

4. Update?

I love drawing web comics, but don't always have time for it, so 0< X < +\infty
(X = Annual Update Frequency, jk, more likely quarterly or monthly frequency; but I hate to give you a number and then have to go back and apologize for it. Subscribe to my RSS is the surest way!)

5. Why Stick Figures?

* WH- Questions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wh-questions